Laser Coaching

**PLEASE NOTE: This listing is strictly used to promote the Laser Coaching program. This service is a paid service. You must complete the pre-qualification survey prior to receiving confirmation of your acceptance into the program and reviewing the payment structure. No services/products will be rendered under this listing.**

You have a very specific problem that you'd like to solve with your business or project.

Let's spend some time talking (in great detail) about how to solve it in a manner that specifically helps YOU.

The Laser Coaching service gives you 4-one hour sessions of uninterrupted dialogue, advice, tips and strategies to SOLVE your problem.

The sessions can be held via Skype, Google Hangout or recorded conference call.

You'll receive a playback of the sessions along with any supplemental resources (notes for directions) to alleviate the pain in your business or project.

Sessions must be conducted over a 30-day period.

You may choose the following scheduling arrangement:

  • One 4-hour session
  • One session per week for 4 consecutive weeks
  • Two 2-hour sessions


The Laser Coaching program offered by requires an investment. HOWEVER, this listing is strictly for the purposes of A) providing you with more information about the program and B) linking you to the mandatory pre-qualification survey that must be completed prior to receiving confirmation that you have been approved for the program. Upon approval, you will be notified about pricing and availability as well as the next steps to secure your slot. You may take the survey here:


Once you order this service, you will be sent a link to my calendar to pick the dates/times that work for you. You'll also receive the policy for rescheduling your sessions. After your sessions have been booked on the calendar, you'll receive your Laser Prep Guide, which explains everything you'll need to do to prepare to maximize your laser coaching sessions. Please complete the steps in the prep guide prior to your first session. If necessary, allow yourself at least 5 days to work through the steps before your first scheduled session.


Payment to secure laser coaching is due upfront. Laser coaching sessions are non-refundable and are not pro-rated. Therefore, you may not participate in one session and request a refund for the remaining sessions. Please prepare to commit to all four sessions and plan your schedule accordingly. Should an emergency arise, please contact to plan your sessions to accommodate your needs.

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